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Nicole Richie filling out an online dating profile for her friend Erin. 

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Elie Saab fall 2014 couture details

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I’m lost in the world,
Been down my whole life
I’m new in the city,
and I’m down for the night

Anonymous inquired What do you mean by that woody Allen post and the comment under it?


Well it’s pretty straightforward. Woody Allen’s comment is dismissing the “college-girl mentality” that “romanticizes” Sylvia Plath’s life/work, which is ironic because much of Plath’s writing was a result of the misogynistic world in which she lived where women’s intellectual and emotional attitudes were frequently dismissed as trivial. Plath’s work is important to young women because she addresses many issues that, unfortunately, still speak to them today, and learning about Plath and reading her writing has contributed to many a feminist awakening in relatively young readers. So Allen is perpetuating the misogynistic dismissal of young female attitudes by dismissing “college-girl” interest in her poetry as romanticization of her suicide. 

However, what the post excellently points out as being most ironic is the fact that while female interest in the likes of Plath is often trivialized as a morbid whimsy, the writings of countless misogynistic creeps is romanticized by “college-boy mentality.” Misogynistic writers, indeed including the likes of Hemingway, Bukowski, Kerouac, etc., are taught in high schools and universities as Serious Literature and appreciation of their work is encouraged. Writers in other fields, notably including Woody Allen, are embraced by pop culture as Icons. Allen is indeed what the post calls an “irremediable creep” who is not only misogynistic but a pedophile, and yet his films are constantly celebrated as Art and he himself is seen as a cultural icon while his victim is publicly dismissed in the media as either being out of her mind or attention-hungry. He and the aforementioned writers and countless others like them are then idolized by countless young men who then go on to perpetuate the general misogynistic attitude, and mainstream culture never mocks them for it. 

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Elie Saab fall 2014 couture details

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